Just another year in paradise

So, yesterday was my birthday. I wanted to spend it doing what I wanted to do, uninterrupted, just puttering around here at StoneFace.

My morning started out at 4:30 with the six million dollar dog waking me  up to say Happy Birthday, oh and by the way I need to go outside. After taking care of business we went back to bed and I woke up around 7:00 with sunshine trying to stream through the curtains. At least the room was so bright I could not ignore it and so I got up and made a cup of coffee and checked my email. I saw that several people had wished me a happy birthday on FaceBook.  As I headed out to feed the critters I heard my phone ring. It was the first of several calls yesterday, this time it was a friend who sang happy birthday to my voicemail.

Outside the goats were singing to me as well, and then the ducks, and then the chickens. They all sing it differently, but I understood what they were saying. Once we had the inside cat taken care of the dog made sure I would enjoy my day bay playing ball with me in the yard and then she took me for a walk. We got back home and checked for eggs in the chicken coop. And then as I was watering the goats and ducks My son called and we chatted for a while. He wished me a happy birthday and then I went back to my chores.

I was having lunch when my wife called and we talked for awhile, then it was time to play again.  My dog then took me for another short walk. While walking my Mom and Dad called and I had to call them back once I got inside due to the wind. We talked for a bit and they wished me a Happy Birthday, and then  it was time to check the water level on all of the animals. I took a shower and then proceeded to check everything in preparation for todays Dr. appointment.

Weight: 116.2

blood sugar: 134

Blood pressure: ……

As I was setting up for that, someone came to the door. An old friend wanting to look at the newest batch of kittens. We talked and I introduced her to the goats and ducks as well. When she had picked out the kitten she wants us to save for her, she left and I went back inside to take my blood pressure. I had several notifications on my phone most were that someone else had posted birthday wishes on FaceBook, but also that my younger bother  brother had called. I talked to him while he drove home from his work and I kept getting a call waiting notice, so when I hung up I saw that a good friend from Washington had called. It is impossible to take any blood pressure readings while I am on the phone. So I put the instrument back in the case and called my friend back and we were still talking when my wife got home from work.

Once more round to check the critters and take out the dog and then we went out to dinner at our favorite chinese restaurant. It was good to be just the two of us and when we got home it was time to shut the chickens in for the night and feed the goats and ducks. I finally got to sit down and calmly check my blood pressure and it was 119/82.

The day did not go exactly as I had wanted, it went even better. I am blessed to be where I am and be doing what I am doing. Surrounded by people who care enough to interrupt the day of a misanthropic, curmudgeonly, old goat herder just to wish me a happy birthday.

Thank you all!

This morning I had my first Dr. visit since november. My heartbeat was a little  “skippy”  due to all of the coffee I drank while I did not eat breakfast. The Dr. was somewhat impressed and asked how I did the weight loss and bringing my blood pressure down and he said that if I kept going, in six months we could cut back on many of the medications I am now taking. I look forward to the blood test results. I think he was actually pleased to hear that I started listening to what he has been telling me all these years.

So this is my goal, by my November 4th Dr. appointment I would like to be down to about 195 pounds and have most if not all of the medications reduced or stopped.

Have a great mayday!

Rocky StonefaceMike, pastor de cabras

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