Melotte #6 Cream Separator

This is the old cream separator that has been sitting in my basement since we moved into this house. Here is the MelotteManual.pdf , it should open in a new tab in your browser

Wow, not sure how to fix these pictures, but you can right click on them and open in a new tab

Melotte #6 Cream Separator

Melotte #6 brass tag

Not sure how to fix these pictures I should probably resize them to the recommended dimensions. So part of the challenge with this is that all of the parts that the milk passes through are galvanized. I am not a fan of zinc plating or galvanization and some of the internal disks have holes or cracks in them that need to be repaired before anything else can be done.

Do I re-galvanize? Nickel plate both seem to be viable options, but as stated earlier I don’t care for the zinc plating.

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