What has happened since April (part 3)

From my todo list journal entry of:

by MikeEssinger, 17 June 2012 (created 17 June 2012)

Still haven’t done that blog post! Last Saturday/Sunday Alex and Dawn-Hunter were here helping me to get pictures of the boy goats before they leave. It was a struggle to get a collar on them and then get them out into the yard and to stand still for pictures. We finally got all of them taken and now I still need to fill out the goat page of my blog.

I finally bought more hay for the goats, with all of the babies eating hay it is going quite fast now. My hay supplier delivered 2 1/2 tons on last Thursday (6/14) I paid 150$/ton AND it was DELIVERED!

On Friday while Alex and her dad were here the folks who are buying the goats stopped by to see them. We got to meet John’s wife and they took pictures of all “their” goats and learned their names. I think Alex is accepting that the boys will be sold now, and she has met the people who are buying them and can see that they will not be eating the goats.

Today I finally had the help I needed to give the boys their tetanus shots. in 7 days I can band them and a few days after that they can go to their new home. Tomorrow I start putting them on pasture so they can get used to it, and the momma’s can get a break and have more milk when I milk them at night. This will involve moving more than just the kids. I need to get the “bucks” tied out in an un-fenced part of the field and watered and everything.

So much to get done and it seems like so little time to do it. I need to manage my time much better than this if I am going to accomplish anything this summer.

I was looking at what I planted in Jon’s garden space and the soil there is still so poor. I think all I did by adding the straw compost to the plant rows was make adobe. the clay dries so hard nothing seems to be sprouting. we will see what comes up but it does not look hopeful. I think the best thing I could do right now is to till it all under and spread the straw and goat poop on it and wait til next year.

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