Just another day in paradise

So, evidently I can’t be bothered to post at regular intervals. So many things to try and get better at.

Since I last posted I have been to look at the new doe, she will be coming home as soon as I get a retirement check and can pay for her. I think she will be a good fit for the herd, but she needs to be better socialised and that will be an interesting time. I am getting her for a good price because I am a good neighbour and customer with the people down the road. And they were unable to disbud her due to her stand-offish personality and lack of  disbudding iron at the right time. My goats have horns and she needs to be in with a herd that has them. I’m not sure what to call her yet, but I will wait on that until I can see her personality better.

The Six million dollar dog is  healing and the Vet said another two weeks of calm will get her back on the road to recovery. She is still very much a puppy and greets EVERYONE by jumping up on them. Also she likes to sleep on the bed and she can’t jump up by herself without hurting the leg. It’s like having a 2 year old child in the house, she is still learning the meaning of the word NO!

I have been staking the Mama goats out in the field for the day so I can get milk from them in the evening. I guess this is trying to wean the babies and they are all having separation anxieties while the moms are out. The big goats as well as the babies. The only one who seems to be enjoying it is Abby since the big girls can’t pick on her while they are not in the pen, and she can be the boss of all the kids for a short time each day.

Of course this only gives us one milking each day and that will need to increase to twice each day soon. The milk is good and eventually we will start making cheese and soap when we have enough production. For now though we are using it in baking, Jon makes bread with it, and drinking, for my morning cereal, and creamer for coffee.

I have found quite a few pictures for the Farm rehab page and even more that need to be scanned so I can post them here. I will be working on that page and the goat page today so look for those updates in the nearly near future.

I am really enjoying my weather station (Thanks Kids!) and want to share an interesting bit I discovered this morning. I was looking at the “Last 24 hours” page this morning and noticed a sharp spike in the wind gust chart. here is a screen shot:

Wind Gust spike (micro-burst)

Notice the wind direction change at the same time. I think this is what is called wind shear or a micro burst as explained here . Fortunately this happened AFTER the fire pit cookout with my brother and his family. Even the sprinkling of rain we got yesterday afternoon did not register with my weather  station although the colder temperatures had everybody running inside before the fire had burned out.

I did not get back to cleaning the larger pasture as I had planned, but “we” did get the patio finished and the pergola up. there will be pictures in the forest section of the farm rehab page. Also I will try to revive my GTD TiddlyWiki page and post a link on this site so, as if you all care, you can see what I have planned to do and if it ever gets done.

I am much more tired physically than I ever got at my desk job, but right now I am enjoying the challenges of this project much more than anything I have done before. And to give credit where it is due part of my inspiration comes from this  site. I highly recommend this blog, even if you don’t plan to travel the world.


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