Life on the Farm, not so laid back!

I just realised I had missed my self imposed timeline of posting every week, so let me explain. No that takes too long, let me sum up.

Monday – snow  and .51 inches of rain, Jenni gets early recall to work, Gravel is delivered for patio base, Dog not home yet, had to redo surgery, Shuffling  work arrangements for computer installs (Wife’s office) and travel to Boise (for Jen.), Picked up Tetanus med.s for goats prior to banding.

Tuesday – My new weather station shows .81 inches of rain confirmed on line, Jenni off to L.A. to meet the ship and her new contract, I play I.T. flunky at wife’s office, visited the dog, may be home on Wed., Dinner out, meeting at Church, early? bed.

Wednesday – Early Breakfast with friends, Line the pit and fill with gravel and tamp it all down and try to get it level, Dog came home must keep her calm for 2 weeks?, prepared beds and planted carrots, beets, chard, spinach, lettuce and onion sets in shop garden, give boy goats their tetanus shots, the State of Idaho officially denies  my U.I. benefits due to the LARGE amount of money I WILL BE getting for my retirement.

Thursday – calculate and purchase sand for patio paver base and then start loading it in to the back, Thankful for a tractor with a bucket! Jon starts laying the paver’s for the patio. I  start to trim the irrigation ditch to get ready for the water to come down

Saturday – I have a meeting out of town, Jon works on the patio, digging bricks out of the pit when he runs out. Did I mow the lawn? Maybe that was yesterday?

Sunday – Church and then more rain, must be movie day!

Monday – AGAIN????!!! Called Mark and asked his help and instruction for banding the goats,  worked on the irrigation ditch more, Called Bob and arranged to buy some more hay for the goats, Finished stacking the hay bales and Mark and Nancy show up and we band the boys. They sound soooo pitiful.

Now if I can just get back to what I need to do to clear the pasture and get it ready for goats later this fall. When Mark and Nancy were here they said they had a young doe they would sell if I am interested. I think I will buy her, but I need to take the time to go look her over first. Their goats are just one week younger than mine and mine were 9 weeks old on Thursday.

It is also time to start milking the girls since the kids are now eating hay and grain quite well. In fact they are eating more than I had counted on making me buy grain more often than I would like. The boys seem to be recovering from the trauma of yesterday. I hope I can get them sold at some point, or I can probably start staking them out to eat weeds down the fence line.

Never a dull moment! I’ll try to post again at the end of the week.

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