Breaking habits

They say it only takes 2 weeks to break a habit. That is true for good habits as well as bad. I have to get back to the schedule of updating this blog every week. There is not that much time left in the year and I have to see it through.

So, since I am late posting this , I will just summarize:

The ducks are just starting to lay, on friday I found 4 eggs in the duck house. It is also about the time of year that they quit laying last year, so there may not be many more this year. I also counted 9 drakes this morning that I will need to get rid of somehow. If I can’t find anyone to take them as pets or livestock I will have to cull them. I don’t look forward to doing that.

As for the chickens, I found 1 pullet egg the other day. It means that the younger set should start laying before the older ones quit for the winter. I think I have a rooster in the bunch though. The tail feathers are longer and “fancier” than the rest of them.

Breeding season is here for the Nubian goats. Dolly was complaining all night last night. I need to find a buck to breed the three for this coming spring. I also need to find a new home for Rascal. A new pen for him would help as well so he doesn’t have to be on tie out in the cold.

A week ago Sunday I received some kefir grains from a friend at church. This past week has been a learning experience in making kefir from raw goats milk. Our kitchen is too cold, so I have to use the oven. I am thinking about getting one of those seed starter heating mats to set things on and give it the right starting temperature.

I need to clean out the goat pens. I cleaned the chicken and duck houses this past week. In order to clean out the girls pen I have to move all of the compost from the last time and I just finished spreading a thick layer of it on the bamboo to winterize them. Time to roll up and drain all of the hoses and put the sprinklers in the shop so I can repair them if I need to.

Can’t seem to find any hay for the kids. Everyone I have bought from in the past few years got hit really hard by the rains this summer. Hopefully There is some locally I can buy and not have to have it shipped in from a neighboring state.

So on to the egg count for the week of 10/19/2014 thru 10/25/2014:

  • Collected – 46 chicken, 23 duck
  • Sold – 4 dozen (chicken)
  • Cartons filled – 4 chicken, 2 duck

And that is all until the weekend.

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