Part 2 There and back again

The trip seen through the splattered bug guts on the windshield.

The speed limit on the freeway in Idaho is now 80 MPH. This makes it only slightly faster to get anywhere in the state as long as you are not driving the backroads, or driving through road construction zones (remember, traffic fines double in construction zones!). I think this new faster speed limit was or is backed by the petroleum industry. my gas mileage was very poor  through the Idaho part of our trip. Also every gas station I passed or tried to fill up at was very busy. I’ll wager their profits went up when the speed limit did!

Anyway we only got as far as Fruitland the first night, but driving through the freeway construction zones between Boise and the Oregon border at night was a bit scarey. Add to that the people who think they need to go AT LEAST 5 mph faster than the posted limit, and I’m surprised the state police aren’t out making money hand over fist. In Oregon the speed limit seems to be merely a suggestion.

But I digress, We made it to Seattle Sunday late afternoon and after the bad decision to follow the GPS to find my son’s house, we arrived eventually. After unloading all of the “stuff” we took with us for the wedding, we had a nice dinner at a Thai restaurant in Ballard and then took a walk around the area. We talked about the wedding on the upcoming Saturday, and then bid them good night and headed north for our friends house in Marysville where we stayed during the rest of the week.

The title of the first part post was something about a journey of 1000 miles and that is close to the round trip mileage between Seattle and Pocatello, however, the entire trip mileage with all of the back and forth from Marysville to points south totals up to about 1840. No wonder I was so tired when we got back on Monday 13th!

While up in Seattle we had several people we had to, and wanted to, see. Also we went back down to Ballard to have dinner with Anna’s parents. Anna is a really great person and now I can see where it comes from. We really like her parents and they seem to be in love with our son. I hope this is the beginning of great times ahead for all.

So, after all of the planning, and driving, and shopping, and buying….. The big day arrived, and we celebrated the love between our Son and his beautiful Bride. With the help of about 175 of their closest friends. It was some party!

We had to leave Seattle that next morning, but we met all of MY family for breakfast first and then with the car packed to the gills with more than we had taken to the wedding we turned toward home. We got back to Fruitland that night and Pocatello the next day.

It is good to be home and I am thankful to the people here who made it possible for us to get away. The Jensen crew for feeding the critters and herding cats. Adam the cheese maker for milking and taking care of my “girls”. Angela, Adams girlfriend for her support and keeping tabs on the barn cats. It is good to have a place for the dog to stay that takes care of your pet as if she was their own and I highly recommend Pocatello Pet Lodge for their professional and personal care of my dog Roo.

After being home for a couple of days I suddenly noticed that one of the ducks was not quite right. After quarantining her I discovered she had a prolapsed vent. I tried twice to fix the problem, but she would not cooperate. I am now down to 24 ducks, but she would not have been able to lay eggs for me. She did not go to waste or suffer. I had a neighbor who was hunting pheasant yesterday, so while he was here I had him butcher the duck and he said he could use the meat.

So next on the task list is to clean all of the pens, build a pen and shelter for Rascal, and find a Buck for  next years kids. Time to prepare for winter which also means mulching all of the garden beds and bamboo berms. So much fun to be had!

And now for the final 2 weeks egg count. For the week of 10/5/2014 thru 10/11/2014 estimated:

  • Collected – 45 chicken, 13 duck
  • Sold – 0 (all eggs go to caretakers)
  • Cartons filled – 3 chicken, 2 duck

For the week of  10/12/2014 thru 10/18/2014:

  • Collected – 47 chicken, 16 duck
  • Sold – 0
  • Cartons filled – 3 chicken, 1 duck

I think a third installation is in order to summarise the egg count for months and quarters. Tune in tomorrow for that exciting post!

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