Late again, what can I say? Here’s the stats.

First the Egg count for the week of 8/17/2014 thru 8/23/2014

  • Collected – 54
  • Sold – 0
  • Cartons filled – 4

First off even though the cooler weather has made the chickens lazy, I still have way too many eggs in the front porch refrigerator! Un-seasonable amounts of rain continued to fall this week and only the ducks are happy about it. Due to the rainfall and the fact that no farmers are irrigating at this point, the water district has shut down the flow to the point that I cannot irrigate my lawn and cherry trees. The grain we gleaned last week is proving to be great for sprouting, tomorrow I feed the first tray to the milkers and see what they think about it. I have been giving the goats, chicks and ducks raw grain and they all seem to like it.

That is all for this week!

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