Slow healing and sprouted fodder part 2

I think I mentioned in the last post that I had pulled my left hamstring muscle when I slipped in the mud and wet grass. Well in order to heal completely I need to stay off of the leg and just let it rest.Fat chance of that happening around here! I have re-injured the leg 2 or 3 times now and if I don’t use it the critters don’t eat, or get milked. So it heals slowly, and I am taking more time to do stuff that I need to get done, trying not to be too hasty and hurt myself again.

I still need to work on the duck house and “we”were going to do that yesterday. I was just filling water for the critters when one of the brothers that rents our land stopped and asked if I could use some raw grain. I said I could and he directed me to  a spot where they were going to harvest next. There was some grain left in the combine, and they had to dump it before they could start on that field. The pile didn’t look all that big, but we filled every bucket and empty rubbermaid container and gunny sack we could get our hands on. we cleaned up most of the pile and probably got about 300-400 pounds (I’m guessing). We shared some with the neighbors who are keeping our new  ducks and chicks. There will still be more than enough to feed my bunch for  several months. I hope it is dry enough to just seal up and that it won’t sprout or mold in the containers. Part of why we got this is that it has been raining quite a bit this summer and right now when it should be harvest time for wheat, we have gotten just about 2 inches of rain and the grain is starting to sprout on the stalk and the fields have been too soft to get the equipment in. This will be a very bad year for wheat farmers in this area.

So work on the duck house was put on hold and I gleaned a bunch of free grain for critter food. I am now experimenting with sprouting this wheat for fodder for the goats, chicks and ducks. I will have a better idea next week, or even in the next 2-3 days if this stuff will sprout and how well it will fill that purpose.

One other thing before the egg count. I was walking back from the shop Friday night having just locked the chickens in for the night. I noticed lots of flashing red lights up on the hill to the east about where the freeway runs. As I stood there wondering what had happened to  cause such commotion, I saw a bright streak of light almost directly overhead. It traversed about half of the distance to the horizon then there was a brilliant flash and a trail of orange/red that fell toward earth like a failed bottle rocket. Probably the coolest shooting star/meteoroid I have seen to date!

On to the real reason that anyone ever reads this blog – the egg count!
For the week of 8/10/2014 thru 8/16/2014:

  • Collected – 61
  • Sold – 2 dozen + 1 4us
  • Cartons filled – 5

That is all for now.


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