In the heat of the day

So, this week we have had some higher temperatures, high 80’s to upper 90’s. I think we even had a day this past week that broke 100 degrees. Of course with the heat of the summer we also tend to get the smoke from distant range/forest/wild fires so the air quality suffers a bit.

I have not finished the pasture fence though I did work on it a bit this week. I have not started the ground level duck house, and soon it will be time to bring the other 10 ducks home. I get started working on some of the things and come into the house for lunch and it is then too hot to get back out and work. A few years ago I would have stayed in the house ALL day due to the heat, so there is some improvement, but wish I had more useable time (cooler temps) to work in so I could get things done like I think I need to .

My neighbor came by on Thursday and let me know our local farm store had chicks again, so I had her pick up 10 americaunas for me. Now I really do have to cull the older ones. The ducks have started learning to  get up the ramp at night so that for the past week I have not had to chase all of them every night. sometimes there are only one or two to catch. Tonight was the exception. I had to catch all 15 for some reason.

Adam came out to share some goat meat with me tonight. He brought a bit of the goat I sold him for BBQ. I have not tried it yet, but it smells quite good. I don’t think the wife will want to share with me. She still sees it as a cute bambi looking kid. Adam requested two goats for next year. I think his BBQ was a success!

So, on to the egg count for the week of 7/13/2014 thru 7/19/2014:

  • Collected – 77
  • Sold – 3 dozen (BTW summer sale price is $2.50/dozen)
  • Cartons filled – 7

That is all for this week.

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