Another week gone

So, a week after the big gathering and I think I have most of the stuff back where it belongs.I did finally get the yard cleaned up and mowed and was able to water on Wednesday as usual. I have put off finishing the long pasture fence because I am re-thinking the removal of the middle divider. I was going to  take out the middle fence altogether, but in my original thought I was “simply” going to put a gate in that  piece and retain control of when the goats graze/browse whichever part of the field I want them in. I have the gate we took down from the end of the pasture and I can put that in place. I just need to figure out the required bracing and get it done. It is time to wean the baby goats and having a place to put the mamas in the morning would be a big help.

The bamboo plants seem to be recovering from the transplant shock now. Some of them have put up new shoots and a couple are putting out new leaves where the old ones dried up and have fallen. I think I am getting enough water to them. I had to go out and mow the center of the grove because the grass is growing so well.  In fact everywhere I have been watering, especially the garden, the weeds seem to ignore the hot weather and grow, well, like weeds.

Enough chatter, it’s late and I need my sleep. So here are the numbers for the week of 7/6/2014 thru 7/12/2014:

  • Eggs collected – 77
  • Eggs sold – 6 dozen
  • Egg cartons filled – 6

No duck eggs yet, but the ducks seem to be settling into their new home, The newer 10 will be too much for the small shelter I have now , so I need to get the larger, ground level shelter built so I can bring them home.

That’s all for this week.

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