Time travel is real

Tonight we all travel one hour into the future. What will the future hold? I for one plan to get just as much sleep as normal, whatever normal is for me. Well, on to the events of the week.

Last week I had a call from the people we sold Rosie to asking if I had a buck I wanted to sell. Rain and snow made the roads bad enough that Mat didn’t make the trip here last Saturday. So with better weather last Sunday he drove up here and bought Buddy about mid morning. Of course I was supposed to be at choir about that time, but I did manage to get to church in time for the service. All in all I made $80 on Buddy. Counting his stud fee from John and the sale to Mat. He was still lame from his head butting with Buck-O, but They saw that he was not bothered by it and he was such a calm friendly buck. I’m sure my willingness to take a lesser price helped also. I hope Buddy enjoys his new home and makes Mat’s customers happy.

With all of the rain this last week the footings for the old potato cellar were washed out about mid point and part of that structure collapsed. Martha thinks we could just drive a tractor or something in and latch on to a cross brace and pull it all down. I don’t think it will be that easy. The spikes that hold it together are huge and the beams themselves are quite heavy and I need a rally good plan before I go in there and risk life and limb.

Rascal382014I still haven’t sold Rascal. I don’t know why I still keep him, though he doesn’t eat as much as a full size goat. Having him around means I can’t just move goats around where I need to. Have to work on that. He won’t be going for a mere $80 though.

With the warmer weather the ducks have started laying eggs again. So this weeks count will include the duck eggs. I will count them even though I will be leaving them in the nest for Schmutzie to brood on. Maybe we will get little ducks this year.

Only two weeks till JuneCarter has her kids. she is absolutely hugeJuneCarter 382014. Dolly is due only seven days later. I need to clip their tails and clean the pen still.  The bedding is so deep that I almost hit my head on the ceiling while I was filling their hay feeder today. Today was so nice that Martha and I worked out side cleaning up the Day Lilly bed. I am trying to make it easy to keep the old lilac from being covered up. I have been digging lilies and moving them to the berm we created when we built the pergola. I still have a roughly 5 ft. diameter patch to dig up and move. That may have to wait until next year. Part of the day was spent just raking up the leaves and crab apples that I did not get to last fall.

Now the Egg Count for the week of 3/2/2014 thru 3/8/2014

  • Eggs collected: chickens – 62 Ducks – 6
  • Sold – 5 dozen
  • Cartons filled – 5

That’s all for this week, onward into the future!


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