Happy Year of the Horse!

Gung hey fat choy! I think that is how it is pronounced. Anyway I sure hope this year’s horse is better to us than last year’s rat! It has to be better, horses are good companions to goats, or vice versa. Anyway…. on to the weeks events!

Buddy the buck is indeed back and re-acquainting himself with the other boys. I said last week that I need to sell both bucks. I need to stop being so lazy and just write the craigslist ad. I will admit to a bit of sentimental attachment to both of these butt-heads. It’s tough to let them go but I also don’t want to feed them for the rest of the year.

Speaking of bucks and goats in general. I called the people who bought Rosie from me last year and asked if they have any Kiko bucklings yet, or would be willing to sell me one from this years kids. He told me that he had just 2 kids so far, but expecting more this spring. Both Kiko and Boer sired bucklings will be available.

I also asked him about Rosie and did she make it? He told me he had a friend who wanted a pregnant doe who was gentle enough for his kids. He had Rosie bred and sold her to this friend. Even if that was just a story, I like to think that Rosie has a chance to be productive again.

On Wednesday it started out snowing but then turned to rain. I think the only critters that were happy with the weather were the ducks. They must have made their “rounds” three or four times just to make sure they did not miss any puddles to splash and dabble in. We received .24 inches of rain which doubled the rainfall for this year!

In the middle of all that rain I had to take Skeeter to the Vet. Her abscess had grown to the point that it looked like the left side of her neck was completely swollen. I was afraid that it would burst and spread everywhere, so I had the Dr. lance it. I wasn’t thinking too far ahead and when I left for the Vet clinic I just slipped on my everyday shoes instead of ┬ámy work boots. While holding Skeeter still for the Vet. the blood and pus from her abscess dribbled all over my shoes. I had to throw them away. If I had been wearing my work boots I would have simply hosed them off and let them dry. But the shoes were old, the soles were about to wear through, and they were suede. Fortunately I have a pair of shoes in my closet that I just never wore because the older ones were so comfortable. I just have to break in a different pair now.

Since Skeeter came back from the Vet. I have had to give her shots for the last three days. I gave the last one today after I milked her, now I have to wait 48 hours before I can use her milk for food again. That means next Tuesday I can have good milk to drink again. Not that weak stuff they sell at the store.

As I was feeding this morning I noticed that Abby is in heat again, which is normal. I also noticed that her baby Rusty is acting like a buck and has been VERY interested in all of the girls. I checked to see if his banding had worked and I don’t think that it did. Looks like another trip to the Vet.. Rusty is so small I think the Vet. may need to cut him. Arrrrrrrrgh!

I just noticed today that yesterday (Friday) at about 5:00pm my weather station registered 1.5 inches of rain. I’m sure that it DIDN’T rain at all yesterday. The only other thing known to cause false precipitation readings is high wind gusts. That did not happen either. Maybe the garden gnomes were shaking the pole? I guess I need to put it up on a sturdier pole.

Now for the weekly report. For the week 1/26/2014 thru 2/1/2014:

  • 70 eggs gathered
  • 6 dozen sold
  • 6 cartons filled

For the last 5 weeks (12/29/2013 thru 2/1/2014):

  • 332 eggs collected
  • 28 dozen sold
  • 29 cartons filled

I think some of the older chickens are coming out of molt. That is all.

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