Nothing happened this week.

I guess that is not true, the normal things happened. You know, chickens watered and fed, goats watered and fed, ducks watered and fed, milking, yadda, yadda, yadda.

The county road crew did come back and fill in MOST of the ditch like they promised. The buck goats have almost worked out who’s the boss. I just have to get both of them sold so I can move on with the breeding program.

I did a bit more research on bamboo and came across seeds for sale on both Amazon and ebay. Advertised as “fresh seeds”. Now, I wonder how, when bamboo has a flowering cycle of 15,20, 100 years, How do these people have “fresh seed”? I did seriously consider throwing away $10 or so just to try my hand at sprouting bamboo. Then I read several reports of people buying and sprouting bamboo seed only to be raided by the USDA 6-8 months later and having all of the plants confiscated.

It seems that there is a very old regulation by the USDA that prohibits import of bamboo plants or seeds unless you have a permit and have the plants spend several months in quarantine. The regulation is one of those rules as I read it that just never got removed from the books even though the original reason has proved to be a non-issue. Sometimes I can agree with Joel Salatin about the need to stop funding certain federal agencies.

I have been slowly going through some Idaho Farmer magazines from 1955 and 1956. The smell of mouldy paper and basement dirt that gets on my hands makes it hard to get through more than one or two in a day. I think this was the same  magazine that my wifes grandfather or father found the plans for building the septic system we replaced in 2008. anyway there is a cartoon/column that I have found to be entertaining and I took a picture to share with my millions of readers.

Here it is    It resonates with me for some reason.


I was out feeding the goats today and I noticed what appears to be a new abscess on Skeeter. If it is that means I will need to vaccinate. If I vaccinate that means I can;t use the milk until about 3 days after I finish the vaccination series. I have enough frozen milk to make soap with, but any fresh milk I get during the vaccination period I will just have to dump. I really hate the thought.

Well, I should finish so I can get some sleep tonight. SO
Egg Production for the week of 1/19 thru 1/25 2014:
Eggs collected 67
cartons filled 6
4 dozen sold

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