what has happened since April (part 1)

From my todo list journal:
7 May 2012
by MikeEssinger, 7 May 2012 (created 7 May 2012)
This weekend saw a lot of projects completed. Jenni and I made goat milk soap that now has to cure for 6 weeks. That means it should be ready for use after June 16.

Jenni and I also planted the garden today. I will plant the squashes in Jon’s garden spot so they have room to spread, but I still need to till the places to plant them in.

Rosie’s health continues to improve and she is now feeding her two boys enough that I have to start weaning them off the bottle. they are just one month old and have started sampleing grass and weeds and grains and hay. I expect I will be starting to milk all of the girls a bit earlier this year than I did last year.

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