Alone at last!

It’s been a busy weekend. Daughter arrived home from her latest contract with Holland America in the Caribbean. She was brought here from Boise by my Brother and his wife since they were down for their grand daughter’s 4th birthday which we had here at the farm. The main Idea was to have a large outdoor space where the kids could run and it would be a picnic with a fire in the fire-pit and so, of course it had to rain and snow.

We did have a fire in the pit and roasted the hot dogs/sausages over it. First we had to light a fire to dry out the wood so we could have a fire. And it was dry enough for a short time for the kids to run around the yard, but cold and a little bit of rain, combined with a strong desire for cake and presents drove the little ones back into the house fairly quickly.

Luckily there were only 3 kids, but the party involved all of the parents and grandparents, a great-uncle and great-aunt a set of great grandparents and 2 non-toddlers and so the house was quite crowded. The 4 year-olds like to run up and down the hall and open all of the doors just to see what is behind them. This resulted in the oldest cat being released into the mix and she did not deal with the pandemonium well. Last night she was showing her displeasure at the interruption to her normal routine by acting like she was going to die.

She did not die. She is doing much better this morning. And everyone except for the Daughter is gone now. (almost)Alone at last.

Also this morning when I went out to give the chickens some scratch and check for eggs, I reached under a chicken in the nest box to retrieve an egg and she laid an egg right in the palm of my hand! Eggs are wet, kind of soft and quite warm  when they come out!  This is not the first time I have had a chicken lay an egg in my hand and so I knew what to expect, but the first time it happened I thought she had pooped in my hand. Until I felt the weight of an egg and realized what it was.

Ahh, the thrill of living on a farm.

If you have never seen the farm I can show you an overview:

satellite images of my farm

This is a screen shot of the google maps page, if you wanted to you could also go here and there is actually a street view available though it is a couple of years old. The cool thing about this is that the satellite images are from last fall, about mid august I think.

It shows a lot of the things Jon and I worked on last year. Like the chicken coop and the pergola and both gardens. I think I can even see two of the goats tied out in the new pasture.

So to place the time of the image, it is after the new waterline and spigots were installed, and after the wheat harvest, but before I got the buck pen fenced and their shelter built.

That’s all for now.


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