Well the last post was a bit of a gripe fest all about internet not working and such. I promise to do better this time.

This morning when I went out to feed the goats, June Carter was a bit more vocal than usual (she sounds a lot like her brother FatHead(Oreo)). It turned out that little Crabapple had her head stuck through the fence at the far end of the enclosure and could not get free on her own power.

Rosie had to take advantage of the situation and headbutt her whenever she walked past. I guess June Carter was trying to tell me her auntie was stuck and her mamma was being mean. It is getting close to time for Rosie to give birth and all four of them can be cranky old preggo bats! But goats are tough and  Crabapple is no worse for the ordeal.

For the internet problem, I wish I could get my ISP to pull their head out as well. It did turn out to be an old broken modem that was the problem. I spent too much time on the phone with harm desk tech’s who kept on apologizing for my troubles instead of being helpful. If they had taken the time to put down their script and think the problem through with me it could have been resolved much quicker. I suspected the problem to be the modem when I  plugged it directly into the test jack in the NID and the problem did not go away.

I received the new modem on Tuesday and spent an hour or so yesterday setting it up and making sure it worked the way I want it to work and not just the default settings it came with. and TADAAAA! everything is now working again. Except for the fax. I don’t know why. Arrrrrghhh!

I am going to still re-wire the phone jacks in the house though. The way phones are connected to  jacks in another room and doubled up drives me crazy. The way the lines are wired from the NID box also leaves something to be desired, and could be a part of the problem I was having with my internet connection. I may as well fix it while it is irritating me.

Speaking of TADAAA! or should I say todo, I have added a page highlighting all of the things I have yet to do here on the farm. I call it the all inclusive list and it will be. But for now it is very little changed from the basic template.  Check it out and tell me what you think of the logo. That is a work in progress as well.

The page is what is known as a TiddlyWiki. This particular version is the Getting Things Done (GTD) TiddlyWiki. The author is a fan of the movie Office Space and it shows in his examples.

I had a fairly complete version of this before the great (user caused) computer crash. I will be trying to get all of that information back. When I do I will put a menu link on the front page of this blog.

Well, today is going to be good weather wise, the barn cats are already sunning themselves out by the propane tank, and I have things todo.  TTFN!

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