A matter of breeding

I have had the buck now for over a month and a half. I think all of the does have been bred, except of course for Crabapple. I will now make a guesstimate  as to when the babies will be born. I am using the Goat Rancher kidding due date calculator chart which is based on the “normal” 151 day gestation period for goats. I have read on various sites and in books and magazines that the gestation can be anywhere from 145 to 150 days, but the chart says 151 so that is what I am going with. Also my observations may not be too accurate since I am not out with the goats 24/7 contrary to what some may believe.


The first to fall for the boy’s charms was Rosie, (I think). I believe she was bred on or about Nov. 10th. That would put her due date within a day or two of April 9 2012. She and Connie had been in the buck pen since Nov. 2nd. Both of the girls are used to being the big kid on the playground and I think for the first few days they intimidated Buck-O just a bit. That and they both have horns and he was disbudded . I think it put him at somewhat of a disadvantage. He was trying to be friendly and they are both “cranky old bats” as characterized by the guy I bought them from.


Connie continued to  be cranky with Buck-O, but I observed a change in her attitude, and she appeared to be  open to his advances on or about Nov. 14-15 which will put her due date about April 13 2012.

I left them in the buck pen until about Nov 22 and then put them back in the old shelter and brought June and Loretta into the buck pen.

June Carter goat is about a month younger than Buck-O and Loretta Lynn GTO is a week younger than June. I think this is a better age match up and these girls accepted Buck-O easier than the older two did.

Loretta, Buck-O, and JuneCarter at breakfast time

I observed actual contact between June Carter and Buck-O on both Nov. 27th and 28th. So that would put her due date somewhere around April 27th 2012.

Loretta seemed to  be receptive to Buck-O by the end of that week on Dec. 1st or 2nd which would put her due date on or near my birthday April 30 2012.

I did not have a marking harness for Buck-O and so I can only speculate on these dates and occurrences, however I did not want to have all of the kids born on the same day as happened last year, I think that the kidding will happen over the span of the month of April 2012.

Crabapple (aka Crabby Abby)

As for Crabapple, I need to find her a mate if for no other reason than to shut her up for 5 months. She is the most vocal of the herd when she comes into heat and unlike the big goats, she is capable of breeding all year round. Besides I know of one family that would love to have a small goat (or two?) to add to their growing “petting zoo”.

I did give all of the goats in the main pen a hoof trim last Wednesday, and when Jon is here, I think I will have him help me move goats and give Loretta and June Carter a trim as well. It is time to bring the girls back into the main pen and put OreoFathead in the buck pen to hang out for the rest of the year.

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