Another one bites the dust!

The chickens “Winter Palace” is finally finished! With the Buck pen finished this makes two major projects done. They both took a lot longer than I had thought they would, but, they were also both made from salvaged materials I had laying around the place. Except for the fence wire and metal roof as mentioned in the previous post.

Here is the first image. I have the outside wall insulated and sheathed and I am starting on the nest box/door wall. At this point the door is not attached, it is just sitting in the space to give me an idea of where to put the framing for the opening. I had already “hanged” the screens for the left wall which was already built (long long ago). You can see what I mean in the next photo.


Just to give some perspective to what I have done at this point. I put down roofing felt on the concrete floor and a 2X4 on top of that and then a 1×4 on top of that to get the level up to the sill for the shop and then a stud from floor to ceiling to frame in the door and then I could frame in where the nest boxes go. I had to go out to the existing coop and measure what Jon had built to give me anidea of how big they should be. Jon’s measured something like 13x12x14. the materials I had made it easier to go 12x12x13. I don’t think the chickens will be able to tell the difference.

This is before putting on the front ledge, back ledge, or  hinged back of the nest boxes. Also I was really scrounging for paneling to close off this wall. I had nothing close to the size I needed and the cordless drill and circular saw were eating up my three batteries at an impressive rate.

I had a full box of hinges that Jon had salvaged during his shop cleaning project last year and I was able to find enough to hinge the back of the nest boxes and the door. Some of the hinges actually matched and in the hinge box I found a hasp so I can secure the nest boxes against the chickens pushing their way out.

I still need to find a way to latch the door. It closes tight enough and it won’t open inwards. For right now I lean a heavy wood panel against it just in case.

Now  just some pictures to finish off:

          By the way it took me over three hours to catch and move the chickens one by one in a pet carrier and at the end of it all this random guy shows up  and poses for  pictures like HE gets to take credit for all of it! The nerve of some people!


Now to prepare the rest of the place for winter!

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