The end of milking…. for now.

I just finished milking the goats for the rest of the year as of Sunday the 16th, and today I drank the last of the milk. Kind of sad, now I have to go back to that blue water known as 2% cow’s milk, bleah! The only goat milk I have left is the frozen stuff I set aside to make soap.

I have been working all day today on the new goat shelter and all I need to do now is put a roof on it. Everything except for the metal roofing was re-purposed from older buildings and materials I had laying around. I thought I even had enough metal roofing to use, but none of it was in good enough shape.

This guy is the reason I need to get this project finished. I need to get him down here from Blackfoot while there is still a breeding season.

I do not have the fencing finished, and I am thinking of fencing only the top half of the pasture for now. It might make the scope of the project a bit less daunting.

He doesn’t have a name yet, that I know of. Guess I will have to ask when I pick him up

Handsome¬†critter, isn’t he? I think the ladies will approve!

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