Projects old and new

Rocky StonefaceAs long as this place exists there will always be projects that need to be done. Some projects get done right away out of necessity while others languish for days, weeks, months and yes, for years.

Two projects got done this week, which if you know me (the king of procrastination) is really amazing. First of all I finally got my trailer sold. I had bought a trailer back in 2008 in order to travel to California and pick up an antique tractor that belonged to my friends grandfather. I don’t have a page for it yet, but there is a story behind that trip, and tractor, that is worth telling (procrastination strikes again). Anyway, the trailer sold and now I have some liquid funds for fencing materials and a new goat shelter on the pasture, among other things I would like to do.

I have been thinking about replacing the yard hydrant out by the well for some time because it leaks and there was another one that never got hooked up when the new well was drilled and there is an automatic watering trough that was cut off as well that I wanted to have running for the goats. We had the pump service people out to look at it last week and they gave us a guestimate that sounded reasonable. So when the trailer sold we called them back and said ” let’s get it done”! It took them about four hours to replace the broken hydrants, trench for the new one by my garden and hook everything back up that had been disconnected when the new well was drilled.

Trenching for the new hydrant

They came within $100 of their original estimate and I got a nice sunburn standing around taking pictures. Everybody wins!

The other project is one that literally took, years. When we moved in to this house there was a cover over the back patio. It was not real well constructed and it had some badly weathered corrugated fibreglass to block the wind. I think I may have bought the lattice to replace the fibreglass, but I’m not sure. All I remember is I bought it several years ago and it just sat by the house eventually being covered with leaves and dirt. The cover was removed when we had new siding put on and all that was left was a framework made of pipe with lumber bolted to it. And that was how it looked for years:

Old and Busted

Old and Busted

I finally took down the pipe frame and put up a new structure made of redwood, and just today I scrubbed off the lattice and installed it:

New Hottness

New Hotness!

Now to get those roses climbing up to give us some shade in the afternoon!

I guess I can check this one off of my “to do” list.


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