Weather Station Upgrade

The old FineOffset WH1080 weather station has seen better days. The sensors and sending unit replacement parts were getting harder to find and would randomly stop working at certain temperatures and humidity.

So I did the unthinkable and bought myself a new “Professional Weather Center” from AcuRite (model 01536). Even though just about all of the affordable units are made in China, these folks claim to be making these things since the horse and buggy days. The unit came to me from somewhere in the mid-west, but be assured all of the parts are made in China.

Everything seems to be working OK, placement is always a big consideration. Trying to find the right place within the (330 ft) distance limit that isn’t near a building, or pond, or sprinkler system, or ……. You get the idea. Then learning to re-configure the WeeWx software. I need to do some manual tweaking. The driver the auto-config utility picked doesn’t recognize the inside humidity data, and the barometer reading is slightly off of what the base station is reading. Still not bad for a quick swap out.

You can find the weather page here

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