week of 11/09/2014 thru 11/15/2014

Stayed home to start digging post holes for the new buck pen (for Rascal). Actually had to straighten some existing posts that were solid but leaning. The ground in this spot is about 3 inches of good dirt followed by a foot of clay hardpan then gravel and rock. even with the powered auger, getting through the clay took some hand digging with the pry bar. once we were through that layer the rocks were too large for the auger to bring up and we had to dig those by hand as well.

We did get most of the posts in the ground, but the delivery of the new buck goat interrupted that project and I had to move this years babies and put the new boy in with next years mamas.  I’ll post a picture when I figure out where I downloaded it.

Monday Adam came out to help dig the rest of the posts and then he and Angela built the corner braces. the weather turned bitter cold, I finally got the water buckets plugged in and turned off the water to the far hydrant. We stretched fence in the rain and snow and sub zero cold. Once the fence was finished I re-built a gate that I liberated from the old pasture fence and once that was done, Rascal came off the tie out, and FatHead moved in with him to give the new buck some room to woo the ladies.

Egg count for the week of 11/09/2014 thru 11/15/2014:

  • Collected – chickens 46, ducks 25
  • Sold – 0
  • Cartons filled – chickens 2, ducks 1
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