End (start)of the month

So, I forgot to write this last night. Late again. This week I was able to get a bit more done on the next incarnation of the duck house.I cleared out the old litter and started building up the pad that the floor will sit on. It is always strange to me that I can plow or till or dig any given area on this place and find all kinds of relics and garbage and then the next time I work the same piece of ground, I find even more relics and garbage. not to mention the weeds I thought I had finally cleared and there are always more of those to pull and dig.

I have a plan for the new duck house some of it is sketched on a bit of paper, the rest is in my head. I know what I want it to be, but not much idea of how to get there. We just visited the ducks down at the Jensen petting zoo, and they are really ready to come home. Maybe I skip mowing the yard this week and just concentrate on building? We’ll see.

The plan for weaning the kids is working OK so far. I bring the mamas up to the milk parlor in the morning after everyone has their morning grains and then I keep them here until it’s time to feed and water in the evening. So far I am getting about 1&1/2 quarts per day. By the time we go to the wedding in October the kids should be fully weaned and I should be getting a full gallon each day. This week for the first time in months I had enough milk for me, the kid, and the cheese maker. As the cheesemaker put it – Huzzah!

So, on to the egg count for the week of 7/27/2014 thru 8/2/2014:

  • Gathered – 73
  • sold – 5 dozen
  • Cartons filled – 6

Summary for the month of July (6/29/2014 thru 8/2/2014):

  • Gathered – 371
  • Sold – 17 dozen
  • Cartons filled – 30

That’s it for this week, hope to have more done on the duck house by next post. I might even have some pictures by then.

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