Thirty Nine years and counting

I have already said it on numerous social media sites, but, Happy anniversary to my wife! It sometimes does not seem like that long, but 39 years with the woman you love at your side makes the journey worth the effort.

I think I mentioned it last week, we brought the ducks home, my 12 plus the Jensen three. I have them in what I hope is a predator resistant “coop”, but already there needs to be some changes. For one thing I do not plan to  chase and capture and lift every duck up into the coop for the rest of their lives. I have to get some housing on the ground with a large entry that I can herd them into and then shut them in securely at night. this week has been a different evening schedule with 1/2 hour at least dedicated to  putting ducks to bed  in the evening.

I have also been locking the chickens in at night. I did not do this last year and had no trouble, but, this year is different. I have to wait until dark so that they all come inside to roost. Then I can lock their  “pet door” and so far that seems to keep them from harm. In a couple of weeks Jon and I will be butchering the older hens and that will leave me fewer to feed and watch out for.

Also in  just over a week the buckling will go to the butcher. That will be an interesting day. Adam has someone in Blackfoot who will process him for their July 4th barbecue. I hope I can leave him in with the girls until then instead of having to isolate him. I guess it depends whether Abby goes into heat and if he is old enough to notice.

Well, on to the egg count for the week of 6/15/2014 thru 6/21/2014 –

  • Collected: 69
  • Sold: 0 (zero) This leaves me with 16 dozen in stock. Eggs anyone?
  • Cartons filled: 5

That’s it for this week.

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