Heffalumps and woosels

Umbrella Bamboo (Fargesia murielae) seedling in it’s new home

Or maybe it should be Bamboo-zeld and weaseled. It turns out I do not have any pictures of the running bamboo after I planted them. I did however take one (or two or three) of the clumping bamboo I planted today.

I will of course take some pictures of the PLANTED bamboo grove and update this post when I get that done tomorrow.

Bamboo grove pictures:

IMG_20140608_143448 IMG_20140608_143511 IMG_20140608_143559 IMG_20140608_143621

So, after losing the ducks last Sunday to a weasel, I went out to check on the chickens this morning and found one chicken dead. Killed in the same manner that the ducks were. I left them loose last night and I don’t know if the dirty stinkin’ weasel was interrupted this morning when the dog took me out, or if most of the chickens survived because they were able to escape the coop and one is all the weasel could catch. Tomorrow morning will tell.

I locked them all in the coop tonight, filled a couple of holes under the fence with road base gravel and mowed down a five foot field around the outside of the fence. If the weasel manages to get into the coop, however that  may happen, they will not be able to escape and I will lose all of my chickens and the eggs and the egg money I have come to rely on for breakfast on Wed. mornings with friends.

Update: The chickens were all alive this morning when I turned them loose at 6:30 when the dog took me out!

I was able to get a start on demolish/rebuilding the duck pen and shelter. That is something I need to get done quickly now that the new ducklings are almost ready for their permanent home.

Wednesday was the first time in a year that I have watered the lawn and there were no ducks swimming on it. On the bright side I had a visitor from the past when Arlo stopped by on his way from St. George to Seattle. We talked, caught up, went to dinner. Then he went to bed early and left even earlier. I hope his trip was as pleasant as a trip like that can be. It was good to see him again. While I don’t miss the corporate world, I do miss the good people I used to work with.

I will update this post tomorrow, but for now the egg count for the week of 6/1/2014 thru 6/7/2014:

  • Collected: 57
  • Sold: 6 dozen
  • Cartons filled: 5

That’s all for now

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