You call this springtime?

So once again the end of the week caught up with me and I missed a posting deadline. I need to get ready to go to church so let me just kind of sum up.

This morning I woke up to snow after it rained so nicely last night. this weather kind of makes my latest experiment  more difficult. Last night I started soaking grains to see if sprouting fodder for the critters is something I really want to do. I have enough trays to experiment, and I will be trying to sprout both the COB mixture I buy and also just oats to see if they are as difficult as people say. Since our climate is rather dry here I don’t think I will have the problem with mold that others write about, but that is why I am experimenting. To test and prove that theory.

The kids are now 7 days old and doing well. I continue to check on them and I see them eat, sleep, and poop, just like they are supposed to. I also check their bellies to make sure they are getting enough food from mama. I also got both mamas up on the stand and made sure that their udders are clean and working as expected. Dolly had more spare milk at this point since she is nursing only one. JuneCarter having to feed three had very little to spare, but they both stood well on the stand and let me make sure everything is OK. No mastitis or other infection to report, and they let their milk down easily so the kids should have no problem feeding.

So, on to the egg count for the week and end of the month.

For the week of 03/23/2014 thru 03/29/2014:

  • Eggs collected (chickens only): 64
  • Sold: 7 dozen
  • Cartons filled: 4

For the month, March 2 thru March 29 2014:

  • Eggs collected: 310
  • Sold: 21 dozen
  • Cartons filled: 19

The ducks have been starting to sit on the nest, and may still be laying eggs for all I know. I did find a shellless duck egg in the yard this week. I hope to see some  new ducklings in about 21 days.

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