And now for something completely different

No, not really this is about goats again. Maybe the title should be more like “Now appearing in her debut performance as a mamma goat — June Carter Goat!”. I think that might be a bit too long, but it conveys the theme of this post.

Yesterday morning after I had fed all of the big goats and checked everyone and bottle fed the boy goats Big & Rich, done all the things I do to get Rosie feeling better etc. etc. etc.. I had just refilled my coffee and seeing as it was such a nice day had gone out to the patio/pergola to enjoy the weather and watch what the goats were doing. I saw Connie standing real close to June Carter like she was encouraging her and June Carter let out the by now familiar “I’m in labor” cry.

Maybe this is all coffee related or brought on by my refilling my coffee cup…. I digress. I put down the cup and went into the pen and June Carter and Connie were both pawing at the

June Carter and her babies

ground making a nest space for JC to have her babies in. I sat on the play log speaking encouragement to her. When the time came, she delivered like a champ. The first one is a boy (Kenny) and the second one is a girl (Dolly). the herd increase is going to be very slow if Loretta doesn’t have a girl.

These babies started nursing right away and that triggered the release of natural oxytocin which gave JC the scours (runs). I wasn’t sure until I talked to the Vet. today, but it can happen and since it stopped rather quickly and the babies are fine and mamma is eating and drinking OK there is nothing to worry about.

And now for some gratuitous goat cuteness:

June Carter with Kenny (eating) and Dolly (just being cute)

Kenny and Dolly

Well, Hello Dolly!

By the way, I was way off on my due date prediction for June Carter, so I’m thinking that Loretta could have her kids at any time. I will still stand by my prediction of 4/29 – 4/30.

I have been known to be wrong though.



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