On the Bleeding Edge

The bleeding edge of rural internet connectivity is not where I want to be. I would rather everything just worked .

My internet connection and then my land line phone went belly up on Tuesday and I then sat around and waited ALL day Wednesday for the repair tech to show up and tell me what was wrong. Of course they already knew what was wrong, but they have to go through their script and ask all of the “Did you unplug/reset/restart this/that/the other thing before they would run a line test and  WHADDYAKNOW the line was bad and the box we were connected to had been run over and things were shorting out and…………

Deep breath.

Did I mention that everything was running just fine until Tuesday? Now that they have “fixed things” the connection is still slow. Well not slow, but websites don’t completely finish loading and I get various connection timeout errors from several programs running on my laptop. The biggest of which is my weather station software which I have set to update (FTP the new files to the server) every 20 minutes. It is not happening!

“DON”T PANIC” to quote one of my favorite books. I spent (wasted) an hour on the phone with my ISP while they ran through their script and then informed me that even though there is still a  problem on the line and I have an ancient modem, my connection speed is not that bad and we will just wait 24 hours to see if anything improves before they do anything about it. Of course technical problems ALWAYS resolve themselves.

I will for the time being do a manual FTP a couple times/day, meaning then I remember to do it. so the weather station will be “kind of” up to date, every once in a while.

Maybe the problem will resolve itself, maybe I will get a new modem…… maybe pigs will fly.

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