Whoa baby!

So, I have been watching JuneCarter for the past few days thinking that she is due to kid first this year. I have kind of kept an eye on Dolly as well, but by my calculations she still has another 6 days or so before she is due to deliver. The calendar says JuneCarter on the 22nd and Dolly on the 28th

Well, today I noticed that Dolly’s udder has grown tremendously and when I went out to feed at 8:00 tonight she has all of the classic signs of a goat starting labor. JuneCarter, on the other hand is just BIG. Her udder has been growing for the past week or more and I pray that there will be no complications because when Rosie got this way I had to pull kids. But JuneCarter is showing NO signs of going into labor. At least as of this writing.

I guess I will be checking every hour or so to make sure things go smoothly. Dolly had no problems last year, so I’m not too concerned, but the rest of the herd is quite unsettled right now and she may decide to have her kids outside away from the hubbub. I hope not, it’s getting colder out there. If She does have her kids tonight I will post pictures, but probably in a new post.

I need to get back out there and check the goats, so here is the egg count for the week of  3/16/2014 thru 3/22/2014

  • Eggs gathered, Chicken – 59 Ducks – honestly, I’ve lost count. probably 14
  • Sold – 2 dozen
  • Cartons filled – 4

Thats it for this week unless we have kids tonight.

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