General update

Well, it has been about 5 and 1/2 years since I have done anything with this site.

let me sum up…


  • diagnosis -Myasthenia gravis not good, got worse, surgery “fixed” it.
  • While the insurance is good, why not fix the shoulder too?
  • worst winter in a decade, shoulder in a sling, good thing we have a new tractor.


  • Daughter married
  • grandson born
  • lots of new chickens, ducks, and goats

for the rest of the time I just try to get back to normal.

Somewhere in there we got rid of two bucks, right now Phoebe’s kid Apollo is the buck for the near future.

this spring (2021) I sold off 6 does and their kids, lost Abby and Skeeter and I am struggling to keep ducks and chickens laying in the high temps and drought.

Next month I expect 12 new ducks, they have been on order since may.

Also this year I have spentĀ  a lot of time just fixing the irrigation so I can use it. Nearly six weeks of digging and clearing pipe, it works for now as well as it ever has, but if I want to improve it that would be EXPENSIVE!

well, not real detailed, but …. I’m back. I will try not to get lost again.

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