Week of 11/16/2014 thru 11/22/2014

Having completed the new buck pen with shelter and all the next wind that came along reminded me that I still needed to secure the roof of said shelter. Rascal and FatHead seem to remember that they are friends, but the new buck has developed the scours and I think it is related to the change in his feed, but I’m not sure how to heal him.

I am trying to be patient, let the last thing I tried have a chance to work, but it is difficult to watch as he mopes around the pen and poops water. I finally found an electrolyte that he seems to like. Hopefully that will help keep him from dehydrating.

If he is not better by the end of the day tomorrow I will try probiotics to get his rumen functioning again.

I was finally able to start and move both the rototiller and the lawn mower into the shop on Saturday the weather was JUST warm enough to spin the starter. Of course I had to charge the mower battery after leaving the key on for a week, but the equipment is under cover at last.

Egg count for the week of 11/16/2014 thru 11/22/2014:

  • Collected – chickens 45, ducks 12
  • Sold – chickens 6 dozen
  • Cartons filled – chickens 4, ducks 1

And that should bring everything up to date until next week.

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